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Travel Guide Terengganu – Arts, Culture & Heritage


Arts, Culture & Heritage

Terengganu has a distinct cultural personality and is blessed with some of Malaysia’s most wondrous attractions, making it a leading tourism destination in the country. Visitors are enthralled by it’s wealth of traditional arts, culture and rich Malay heritage. Terengganu is where people come to experience the authentic way of life in the East Coast of Malaysia, expressed through life in the laidback towns and fishing villages and to feast their senses on artistic pursuits of traditional cultural performances which have been lovingly preserved.

It is also rich with a myriad of customs and traditions, upheld through generations and visible in its way of life, its arts and handicrafts, its traditional culinary style together with heritage. Terengganu is in a league of its own as a vibrant tourist destination. Be enthralled by the flock of dancers that evoke spirits, be entertained by traditional games that spin fun and excitement because it is truly a tropical gateway where you will definitely revitalize your senses in discovering the splendours of nature, the diversity of tradition and the fascinating Heritage.

Seni Budaya dan Warisan

Selain tarikan-tarikan pelancongan yang menakjubkan, Terengganu mempunyai personaliti budaya tersendiri dan kelestarian tradisi kesenian, kebudayaan dan warisan negeri yang mempesona. Terengganu masih mengekalkan kesebatian cara hidup yang masih menonjolkan keaslian seni, budaya dan warisan.

Terengganu juga kaya dengan kepelbagaian adat resam dan tradisi yang masih menyerlah dalam cara hidup, kehalusan seni kraf, di dalam masakan dan makanan tradisionalnya, persembahan tarian yang mengasyikkan serta permainan-permainan tradisional yang menerujakan. Di sini, selain pengalaman menerokai semarak keunikan alam semulajadi, kepelbagaian tradisi dan kepersonaan warisan menjadi antara tarikan unik.



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